About Us

At Nirvana Tea, our mission is perpetuating peace and harmony with every sip of tea. In ancient traditions, tea is not just a drink, but an experience of slowing down and connecting to life through the experience of drinking tea. Nirvana Tea is akin to the lotus and a flower springing from a rock. Our company emerges from a fast paced urban environment where our visionary founder recognized that there needed to be a refuge for tea lovers and all individuals in pursuit of a harmonious and peaceful existence, even with hectic lifestyles.

At Nirvana Tea's, we use the finest and purest ingredients to craft a custom tea experience that is unique from any other. No matter what tea you prefer, you will enjoy Nirvana with every sip of our tea.
For us, tea represents a mantra for harmony, a commitment to appreciating life, wellness and the pursuit of peaceful living. Our company is a gateway to not only the finest teas, but also artwork and music that appeal to one's highest senses. 
Nirvana Tea is committed to peace and harmony for all and as such part of our strategic vision is to work to end violence in our communities locally and globally, particularly against women and children. Our view is if we perpetuate peace then we can expect peace in return. In peace and harmony, we thank you for joining us along this journey. 
Yours in Harmony and Bliss
Nirvana Tea